Published on November 27, 2021, Updated on September 14, 2022

Traditional braces are the tried and true method of correcting alignment and straightening teeth, and were the first popular orthodontic appliances introduced for this purpose. They are made of materials such as high-quality stainless steel or titanium alloys and are designed to be strong and corrosion-resistant. They use a metallic arch wire, brackets, and orthodontic ligatures, or bands, to apply the necessary pressure to straighten even the most severe cases of crowded, misaligned, or crooked teeth.

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How much are Metal Braces in Westerville?

Generally speaking, traditional braces are less expensive than other types of braces. Despite the fact that they are made of high-quality, long-lasting materials, they are extremely noticeable, making them less desirable for many teenagers and adults. They are typically priced at around

List of Costs for Metallic Braces:

  • They usually cost between
  • The cost of an initial consultation ranges between
  • X-rays are necessary and, in most cases, can cost between

How much are Metal Braces with and without insurance?

Orthodontic braces with insurance can save you approximately . The cost for metal braces without insurance is about . In most cases, payment plans begin at per month.

NOTE: A free consultation and x-rays are provided by our office ; in addition, the cost of treatment includes retainers as part of the package. Find out everything you need to know about traditional braces, or if you’re in the area, schedule a consultation to find out even more.

Why isn’t there a set cost of conventional braces, but a typical price range instead?
In most cases, the cost of traditional braces treatment is determined by how complicated the patient’s case is and where you choose to have the treatment provided. Generally speaking, the more complicated the case, the more expensive the treatment will be.

Does the price include retainers?
Included in the price of your metal braces treatment will be the cost of your retainers. Retainers are used after metal braces treatment to help hold the work done by the braces together and prevent them from shifting.

Is it a good investment?

The primary advantage of braces, regardless of their type, is a cosmetic advantage. In today’s world, this is an excellent way to spend one’s money. Braces, on the other hand, aren’t just for appearances. In addition to making it easier to brush and floss, straightening teeth and correcting bite issues help to prevent cavities and gingivitis and the costs associated with treating them.

Ways to Save more money

Metal braces may appear to be solely for the purpose of improving one’s appearance, but this is not always the case. On a long-term basis, crooked teeth can lead to dental issues. The cost of orthodontic treatment can be reduced or spread out over time through a number of different programs. You should consider the following options if you want to save money on metal braces:

  • Flexible Spending Account – FSA– This is a set amount of pretax money that is deducted from your paycheck and set aside solely for the purpose of paying for any healthcare expenses that may arise. They can only be obtained through an employer who provides such an option to its employees. This is a benefit that is included in many employee benefit packages. The use of a debit card is often straightforward, as is the ability to access the account at any time. Remember that these funds will not be carried over from year to year, so you’ll want to use them up before the end of the calendar year. You can find out more about the FSA by visiting here here.
  • Health savings account – HSA In this government-regulated savings account, you can set aside pretax income to cover medical expenses that are not covered by your insurance. Learn more about health savings accounts (HSAs). Deductibility of contributions is available. There are two main differences between a flexible spending account and an employer-sponsored health savings account: Funds in an HSA can be carried over to the following year, and HSAs are only available to people who have high-deductible health insurance plans. You should consult with both your doctor’s office and your benefits representative because you may be able to pay your doctor for this specific service and then have the money reimbursed to you from your FSA or HSA. It is also possible that your benefits provider will be able to pay your doctor directly. Find out more about HSA’s.
  • Can you Afford Third Party Payment Plans & Financing? In order to avoid having to pay your entire bill all at once, many offices offer monthly payment plans to their clients. Alternatively, you can inquire with the dental office about their in-house payment plans to see what they have to offer. We value your oral health just as much as you do, and we want to help you maintain it. The high cost of dental care is frequently cited as a reason for patients delaying necessary procedures, which can lead to further complications. We want to assist you in avoiding this situation by providing you with the best payment options or assistance in making dental service payments. We accept all major credit cards, including Visa, Master Card, and American Express, as well as cash and personal checks. We also collaborate with third-party financial institutions such as: CareCredit, .

Westerville Braces Cost Near Me

We invite you to schedule an appointment with us to learn more about us, the insurance carriers we accept, and other metal braces pricing information. Our friendly team is looking forward to meeting you and assisting you in achieving a brighter, healthier smile. In addition, we provide lingual braces and clear aligners.


In Westerville Are metal braces worth it?

Traditional metal braces can not only improve your bite but also your overall health because they give you a great smile and boost your confidence. Metallic braces are made of strong, long-lasting materials that will assist you in improving your bite in a short period of time.

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