Published on July 15, 2022, Updated on September 12, 2022

The oral cavity includes the lips, the interior lining of the lips and cheeks, the lower and upper gums, the anterior two-thirds of the tongue, the floor of the mouth beneath the tongue, the little space behind the wisdom teeth, and the bony roof of the mouth. It also receives secretions from the salivary glands and houses the teeth and tongue.

Where Can You Find Your Oral Cavity?

The oral cavity is located in the front of the face, immediately below the nasal cavities, and is surrounded by a roof, a floor, and side walls on all sides.

What comprises the Oral Cavity?

The oral cavity is divided into two zones:

  1. the oral vestibule, commonly known as the region between the lips and cheeks of the mouth
  2. the oral cavity as a whole, which includes the space between the teeth

What is the Oral Cavity’s Function?

The primary function of the mouth is to start the digestive process by breaking down food. After taking in the meal and shredding it into smaller pieces, it combines the food with saliva and begins the swallowing process.

How large is the Oral Cavity?

A man’s oral cavity has a capacity of around 71.2 milliliters, while a female’s oral cavity has a capacity of approximately 55.4 milliliters.

Why is the Oral Cavity Necessary?

Not only is the mouth required for the initial intake of food and water, as well as the early stages of digestion, but it is also required for normal breathing and speaking. The teeth, which comprise the bulk of the structures in the oral cavity, are in charge of breaking and crushing food into tiny bits to facilitate digestion.

What is the Oral Cavity proper?

The lining mucosa (cheeks, lips, the floor of the mouth, and alveolar mucosal surface), masticatory mucosa (hard palate and gingiva), soft palate, and inferior surface, and the specialized mucosa (back of the tongue) all cover the mouth proper.

What do the terms areas of the Oral Cavity mean?

The “areas of oral cavity” are the numbers used to identify the dental treatment that is being provided.


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