Published on July 7, 2022, Updated on September 12, 2022

The bicuspid teeth are a set of permanent teeth located between the cuspids (canines) and the teeth at the back. Because of their position in the mouth, bicuspid teeth are sometimes known as premolar teeth. The term “bi” is short for “two,” and “cusps” refers to the points on the crown of the teeth.

Are Bicuspids Permanent Teeth?

Yes. The bicuspids are a type of permanent tooth that develops in the mouth between the canines and the molars. These teeth normally appear between the ages of 12 and 13 years old.

Why Do We Have Bicuspid Teeth?

Bicuspid teeth make it easier to masticate and bite into a variety of foods since they have a big surface area for crushing food. Canines and molars are comparable in several ways, which contributes to the flexibility and importance of bicuspids.

Does Everyone Have Bicuspid Teeth?

Yes. Bicuspid teeth can be found in anybody. Sealants have been proven to lower the incidence of tooth decay by up to 80% in children as young as thirteen when the first molars usually appear.


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