Published on September 16, 2021, Updated on October 13, 2021

WHILE IT MAY NOT APPEAR SO AT FIRST, A DENTAL PRACTICE IS ALL ABOUT RELATIONSHIPS—both amongst our team members and with YOU, our valued patients and friends. When we consider the things we accomplish on a daily basis, these things make it all worthwhile.

We Enjoy Seeing Your Laughter!

We embrace social media because it allows us to maintain these vital ties even after you’ve left our office. We like hearing about your worries, plans, travels, and triumphs… And we get to see your grins on a regular basis! That’s fantastic!

Seeing a lot of smiles

We also enjoy social media because it is entertaining. Here’s an example of a post we saw online showing everyday things that appear to be smiling!

Smiles Can Be Seen From a Distance of 300 Feet

We can’t help ourselves. Humans are programmed to look for faces in unexpected places. It just goes to demonstrate how vital our smiles are! Did you know that a smile can be detected from a distance of 300 feet? As a result, it is the most easily recognized human expression.

Smiles are an important component of how we communicate with one another. Our grins are such a crucial aspect of how we present ourselves to the world, whether it’s for family photos, travel selfies, a job interview, or a date.

Give your smile the attention it deserves to stay bright and healthy. If you have any questions or concerns about your oral health, please contact us.

Share Your Laughter!

We adore seeing YOUR smiles, as we previously stated. Follow us on Facebook and share a photo of yourself with us. One of the things that makes our profession so rewarding is knowing that you’re proud of your smile.

Thank you for being a part of our practice.