Published on September 16, 2021, Updated on November 18, 2021

Emergencies are so easy to handle if we have prepared them in advance, including dental emergencies. Emergencies are easier to cope with. You might question what you can do to prepare for an unforeseen tooth damage or problem with dental health. Of course, a dental emergency is not exactly the same as a food scarcity or a flat pneuma, but we may still plan what to do.

Whether a knocked baby tooth gets…

Call your dentist immediately, especially if your child does not lose a baby tooth in the event of an accident. In most circumstances, we’re not going to put the tooth in because it could produce lasting teeth problems. This tooth might not seem like a great problem, but it can be another less evident injury since it will eventually be substituted.

If a dent is broken…

Get straight to a dentist if the tooth is cracked or chipped or shattered. The earlier treatment will take place, the better. What you may do in advance is to find shards of shattered teeth and preserve them in cold milk. You can also use water to rinse your mouth.

Don’t overlook the crack or chip because if you have enough damage to expose the dental pulp, your tooth is at risk for pulp death, dental abscess, bone loss and worse. It may cause you to lose the bones.

If a tooth is knocked out by an adult…

If you have knocked off a permanent tooth, hurry to the dentist as quickly as possible, because the tooth’s destiny is ticking. The tooth can generally be salvaged when the dentist visits you in an hour after the mishap. By inserting it into the socket and holding it in place with a clean gauze or a washcloth, you can increase your dental chances. When it is not returned, it will also assist to store it in cold milk.

Do NOT deal with the root with the knocked out tooth. Do NOT allow it to get dry. Do NOT scrape it or use soap, alcohol or peroxide. If one of these things is done, the root would be kill and then the successful re-planation would be considerably tougher or even impossible.

We can’t just regrow adult teeth, is it too horrible, can’t we?

In case of emergencies, we are ready to help!
Besides being familiar with ordinary sorts of dental emergency, knowing where you are going to help is crucial! Dr. Banga is available to help an unforeseen dental condition for any patient. We hope that the information never has to be used and that you will only be available for normal events when we see, but it’s always good to be prepared!

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