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What is a smile makeover?

A smile makeover is a comprehensive approach to improving the appearance of a person's smile through various cosmetic dental procedures. It involves a combination of treatments designed to enhance the aesthetics and overall appeal of the smile. The specific procedures involved in a smile makeover can vary depending on the [...]

What is a smile makeover?2023-06-14T20:47:36+00:00

Invisalign Dentist Westerville

Looking for a straight, beautiful smile? Look no further than Invisalign Dentist Westerville! Our expert team will help you achieve the perfect smile you've always wanted with comfortable, discreet Invisalign aligners. Say goodbye to traditional metal braces and hello to a smile that will light up the room!

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How Do Dental Sealants Prevent Cavities?

AS A PARENT, maybe you spend a lot of your time worrying about whether your child’s teeth will develop cavities. Obviously, it’s critical to teach them how to brush and floss and encourage them to do so daily, but there’s something else that can help prevent childhood tooth decay: dental sealants. [...]

How Do Dental Sealants Prevent Cavities?2022-11-04T23:06:06+00:00

Top 7 tips for toothache relief at home

Curing tooth pain at home involves simple remedies using day-to-day items. Salt, hydrogen peroxide, peppermint, and garlic are used to create home treatments for toothache. Toothache is pain felt in the tooth, gum, and jaw. Toothache that does not get better after two days needs to be seen by a [...]

Top 7 tips for toothache relief at home2022-09-12T10:01:32+00:00

How to Choose Between Removable Dentures and Dental Implants?

Removable dentures and implants are two options to choose from, and replacing one or more missing teeth for treatment. The optimal treatment is determined by price, preference, and the condition of your jawbone and remaining teeth. How can you choose which is the greatest option for you with so many [...]

How to Choose Between Removable Dentures and Dental Implants?2022-05-11T12:24:29+00:00

Are dental implants safe for elderly?

Many senior citizens wonder if and how they can afford dental implant therapy. The good news is that dental implants are still available to seniors. Dental implants are now very affordable thanks to advances in modern dentistry. Dental implants for the elderly are also considered safe, so there is no [...]

Are dental implants safe for elderly?2022-05-05T14:12:54+00:00

How Do I Select the Right Dentist for Dental Implant Placement?

Because so many individuals are relying on dental implants to repair their smiles, more dentists are now providing the treatment than ever before. Nonetheless, not all dental implant providers have the same degree of training and competence, which may make selecting the right dental implant specialist more difficult. Patients should [...]

How Do I Select the Right Dentist for Dental Implant Placement?2022-05-11T12:16:24+00:00

How to Recover From Dental Implant Surgery

Bone loss can develop in osteopenia, a condition in which the body begins to lose bone mass, resulting in weakened bones. Bone loss can also result in a more serious illness termed osteoporosis, a bone disease that occurs when the body produces insufficient bone, loses excessive bone, or both. As [...]

How to Recover From Dental Implant Surgery2022-05-11T12:15:02+00:00
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